Galeria CENTRALA is an artist-run space focused on photography. It combines an exhibition space, a creative studio, a reading room and a meeting place for visual artists. The exhibition program presents artists  intrested in the subject of landscape changed by man, geopolitical threads and socio-sociological phenomena affecting the quality of space and environment. The narrative approach to photography, the aesthetics of new topography and new document are close to us, although we are open to other forms of expression. We appreciate creators who make bold theses and ask difficult questions. We present the works of both recognized and emerging artists. The program is implemented in cooperation with FOTSPOT and representatives of art schools and creative circles operating in Poland and abroad.
We are open to providing exhibition space for the organization of meetings, presentations or exhibitions.

Galeria CENTRALA is run by Anka Gregorczyk (art director & co-owner) with the support of Łukasz Szamałek (co-owner), Kamil Figas, Marek Zakrzewski and cooperation with FOTSPOT. We are open to renting exhibition space for meetings, presentations or exhibitions.