After a longer break related to the coronavirus pandemic, we return to activities in the creative space and CENTRALA Gallery. The changing reality and new rules of functioning encourage us to deeply reflect on everyday life. On May 30, we will begin the new season of exhibition activities with the presentation of the works of the graduates of the Sputnik Photos mentoring program. In May and June, we will invite you to two exhibitions of thirteen authors and authors, in two independent editions.

The REW exhibition will feature works by six artists: Michał Dyjuk, Kamil Figas, Justyna Górniak, Michał Majewski, Agata Read and Olga Sokal. It is accompanied by the publication of NO8 with original projects implemented during the annual program in 2018/2019.

REW Michał Dyjuk / Kamil Figas / Justyna Górniak / Michał Majewski / Agata Read / Olga Sokal

opening * 30/05 at 6.00 p.m.
admission only by invitation and live online

exhibition curator: Anka Gregorczyk

online meeting with authors – 03/06 g. 18

exhibition open * 02-13 / 06
* limited admission rules (see new sanitary guidelines below)

Tue-Fri 16-19
Sat 12-15

“(…) The works of six artists presented at the REW exhibition symbolically pass judgment. The river no longer flows, and there is no freedom without bars. The family is not a home, and in the park we will no longer find shelter from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Do we have nowhere to go back to, or can we sit down at the table only when we are together? Photographs of graduates of the Sputnik Photos mentoring program allow us to see in the structure of the consequences of needs a thin line between the effect and the cause.
The presented stories touch on the dilemmas of the present day, meandering between a sense of community alienation, degradation of nature, loss of control and the awareness of closed doors that leave us at an uncomfortable point. No chance to come back to play this game again (…) “*

* from curatorial text

Fot. Kamil Figas

Fot. Olga Sokal

Fot. Michał Dyjuk

Fot. Justyna Górniak

Fot. Agata Read

Fot. Michał Majewski




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ATTENTION due to the sanitary requirements related to the virus pandemic and the COVID-19 disease, we kindly inform you that for the safety of all of us, we are introducing limited access rules to the creative space and CENTRALA Gallery

1. 2 unrelated persons or 4 persons living with each other may enter the HUB at the same time, without symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 disease, wearing masks covering the nose and mouth or with helmets. Please keep a distance of 1.5 m from other visitors, and if you want to visit groups larger than 2 people, we encourage you to book.

2. There will be a hand disinfectant at the entrance, please use it when entering the gallery. We suggest that you bring disposable protective gloves.

3. For the safety of all people in the CENTRAL HUB, each entrant will be asked to undergo temperature control with a non-contact forehead thermometer. Between visits, we plan a short break to ventilate the premises. There is mechanical ventilation in the premises.

4. The use of the bathroom is limited until further notice, and it will not be possible to use the reading room or the changing room.

5. All promotional and information materials in the paper form will be “to be taken” – please do not put the materials away in random places.

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